Marx/Engels: Documents

Certificate of Maturity for Pupil of the Gymnasium in Trier [200]

Source: MECW, Volume 1, p. 643

Karl Marx,

from Trier, 17 years of age, of evangelical faith, son of barrister-at-law, Herr Justizrat Marx in Trier, was five years at the gymnasium in Trier, and two years in the first class.

I. Moral behaviour towards superiors and fellow pupils was good.

II. Aptitudes and diligence. He has good aptitudes, and in ancient languages, German, and history showed a very satisfactory diligence, in mathematics satisfactory, and in French only slight diligence.

III. Knowledge and accomplishments

1. Languages:

a) In German, his grammatical knowledge and composition are very good.

b) In Latin, even without preparation he translates and explains with facility and circumspection the easier passages of the classics read in the gymnasium; and after due preparation or with some assistance frequently also the more difficult passages, especially those where the difficulty consists not so much in the peculiarity of the language as in the subject-matter and train of thought. His composition shows, in regard to material, a wealth of thought and deep insight into the subject matter, but is often overladen with irrelevancies; in regard to language, he gives evidence of much practice and striving for genuine latinity, although he is not yet free from grammatical errors. In speaking Latin, he has acquired a fairly satisfactory fluency.

c) In Greek, his knowledge and abilities, in regard to understanding the classics read in the gymnasium, are almost the same as in Latin.

d) In French, his knowledge of grammar is fairly good; with some assistance he reads also more difficult passages and has some facility in oral expression.

e) In Hebrew, [not filled in]

2. Sciences:

a) Religious knowledge. His knowledge of the Christian faith and morals is fairly clear and well grounded; he knows also to some extent the history of the Christian Church.

b) Mathematics. He has a good knowledge of mathematics.

c) In History and Geography he is in general fairly proficient.

d) Physics [and nature study]. In physics his knowledge is moderate.

3. Accomplishments.

a) ..........

b) ..........

The undersigned examining commission has accordingly, since he is now leaving this gymnasium in order to study jurisprudence, awarded him the certificate of maturity and discharges him, cherishing the hope that he will fulfil the favourable expectations which his aptitudes justify.

Trier, September 24, 1835.

Royal Examining Commission

Brüggemann, Royal Commissioner

Wyttenbach, Director

Loers, Hamacher, Schwendler, Küpper, Steininger, Schneemann