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Purpose: Momentum is a grassroots campaigning network of over 31,000 members, 200,000 supporters and 170 local groups that evolved out of Jeremy Corbyn's 2015 election campaign. Momentum is mobilising the mass campaigning movement that we need to get Labour into government.

* Momentum evolved out of Jeremy Corbyn's 2015 Labour leadership bid to build on the energy and enthusiasm generated by the campaign.

* Momentum has over 150 local groups, 23,000 members and 200,000 supporters, united by their shared vision for a fair and equal society.

* Momentum supports the Labour party, and works to increase participation and engagement in the party to enable it to win elections and enter Government.

* Momentum believes in an open, democratic Labour party, powered by its members.

What does Momentum want to do?

Organise with communities across the country to put forward Labour's ambitious plan for Britain and secure a Labour Government that:

* Redistributes wealth and power from the few to the many;
* Puts people and planet before profit and narrow corporate interests;
* Builds a society free from all types of discrimination;
* Invests to create high-quality jobs and infrastructure;
* Reverses the privatisation of railways, the energy sector and public services;
* Provides protection at work and strong collective bargaining to end workplace injustices;
* Provides decent homes for all in both the public and private sector.
* Transform Labour into a more open, member-led party capable of winning elections.
* Bring together individuals and groups in our workplaces and communities to campaign and organise on the issues that matter to us.

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