History from Below
Connexions Directory of Groups & Websites 2018

Website: http://radical.history-from-below.net/

Purpose: International network of historian-activists, artists and agitators.

The international History From Below network is a diverse community of historytellers, historical agitators, artists, independent archivists, history groups, political archaeologists etc. It was founded 2012 in Barcelona to reflect a growing worldwide movement of historical activism and public interest in radical history, and to build an alternative, non-academic resource for the production and transmission of oppositional forms of history. As radical history becomes increasingly popular, more and more activists # from squatters and footballers to curators and birdwatchers - are making the transition to historians, merging past struggles, new technology and street culture to build new and surprising narratives.

History from below is essentially the study of the non-elite; the exploited classes in a social order, the forgotten voices of the anonymous men and women ignored by the official histories, and thus a critique of dominant and elite versions of the past. However, rather than the passive #of below#, we have the active #from below# which denotes that history is being made by these people rather than merely being done to them. Making is thus the history of self-organisation and resistance in the face of oppression, dispossession and poverty.

Geographic Scope: International

Structure: Non-Profit

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