Frank & Ella Hatheway Labour Exhibit Centre
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55 Lake Drive South
Saint John, NB
E2K 5S3


Purpose: The Labour Exhibit Centre was opened in 2007 with the purpose of displaying workers memorabilia and preserving, promoting and honoring the rich and long history of workers in Saint John. The Centre is more than a museum; its mission is to educate the public on the important role unions have played in the building of our city and the contribution that unions continue to make to the quality of the life we enjoy.

The Labour Exhibit Centre was made possible by a generous endowment from Frank and Ella Hatheway. In 1918, the couple granted a parcel of land in the Milldgeville area to the trade unions in the city. The land was later sold and the money placed in the 'Hatheway Trust.'

In 2005, the Hatheway Board of Trustees invested a considerable sum of money into the restoration of the Lily Lake Pavilion. This was done on the understanding that the name of the pavilion would become the W. Franklin Hatheway Pavilion and that part of the pavilion would contain a labour exhibit centre, operated and maintained by the Hatheway Trust.

Frank and Ella Hatheway were a visionary couple who worked together on several reform projects during the latter part of the 19th and the early part of the 20th century. They supported such causes as women's suffrage, old age pensions, free kindergartens, factory reform, health and safety reform, child labour reform and the public ownership of utilities.

The Frank & Ella Hatheway Labour Exhibit Centre display vintage tools, old labour photos, historic labour documents and various pieces of labour memorabilia dating back to the 1800s.

Activities/Services: Exhibits

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Structure: Directors, Non-Profit

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