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Website: http://voices-voix.ca/

Purpose: Voices-Voix is a non-partisan coalition of Canadians and Canadian organizations committed to defending our collective and individual rights to debate and dissent. Voices is stewarded by a small group of volunteers including human rights lawyers and representatives of the organizations in the coalition and case studies are curated and peer reviewed by an editorial board working with a national editorial collective.
More than 200 organizations have subscribed to the Voices-voix Coalition by endorsing our Declaration.

We believe that citizens, civil society organizations, and governments all have positive roles to play in expanding what the Supreme Court of Canada described as the "breathing space" for democracy.

This means that independent officers and agents of Parliament must actually be independent, that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms must be respected, and that we must build a new and respectful relationship with Indigenous peoples. It means that the federal government must foster an an enabling environment for civil society organizations, including NGOs and community-based groups. It requires that the federal government cease placing Canadians under surveillance or breaching their privacy rights for political reasons. It demands that the practice of targeting progressive organizations by the charities directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency must stop. Finally, it means that that the practice of branding those who dissent with the federal government as "terrorists" or threats to national security for political and partisan reasons must come to an end immediately.

As Canadians, we give priority to our democratic rights and values, including free speech, and freedom of association and peaceful assembly. We demand transparency from our government and equality in all its laws and policies.

What we do

We document attacks against organizations, individuals and institutions that have raised their voices, to show the pattern of government silencing those who exercise their right to dissent. We offer solidarity to those who have been targeted (see our Hit List).
We promote debate amongst our members and allies about how to defend the space for democratic dissent and advocacy in Canada, either online or through events.
We encourage Canadians to raise their voices so that governments meet their core responsibilities to respect the equality, transparency and diversity of voices that make a democracy thrive.
We inform the international community about what is happening in Canada by presenting our research findings (see our Reports).

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