Holt Labor Library
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4444 Geary Blvd., Suite 207
San Francisco, CA 94118,

Website: http://www.holtlaborlibrary.org

Purpose: The Holt Labor Library was established in 1992 to provide a working library for labor and progressive studies accessible to the general public. Our collections and services are geared to labor and community activists as well as to students, researchers and anyone else interested in our materials. Because a significant part of our collection consists of out-of-print and hard to find materials, items do not circulate.

The holdings of the Holt Labor Library include:
* 4500 books - labor and socialist history, freedom struggles, Marxist theory (with emphasis on Trotskyism), and much more
* 3000 pamphlets, plus flyers and brochures, in our vertical files (see Pamphlet Files Subject Headings)
* 80 current subscriptions to labor and left periodicals
* 350 videos & DVDs - including movies and documentaries (listed below)
* 300 audio tapes & CDs of speeches and classes by socialist and labor activists
* Bulletins and papers documenting socialist history in the United States
* Posters, political and trade-union buttons, and other ephemera
* Personal archives from the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, Anti-Vietnam War organizations, Teamsters for a Democratic Union, Committee to Aid the Monroe Defendants, and others.
* Historic socialist and labor newspapers

Founded: 1992

Geographic Scope: Local

Structure: Non-Profit

Subject Headings:

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