Citizen Works
Connexions Directory of Groups & Websites 2019


Purpose: Citizen Works' many progressive and innovative initiatives have included:
Big Business Day; The Association for Integrity in Accounting; Emerging Progressive Artists Program; First Thursdays for DC Area Nonprofit Leaders; Summer Speakers Series for Nonprofit Interns; The Corporate Reform Weekly; The Campaign for Corporate Reform; The Progressive Community Directory; The Progressive Reading List; The People's Business, a book with a blueprint for controlling corporations and restoring democracy; The Unity Platform; The Organizer's Toolbox; The Student Organizing Manual; advocacy for an independent Financial Consumers Association, a strong Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a Securities Speculation Tax and strong Sarbanes-Oxley legislation; corporate power scandal sheets; corporate power fact sheets; corporate tax traitors; corporate power readings; campaign to stop corporate CEO greed; A Handbook on Challenging Corporate Power for grassroots discussions; Citizens Working newsletter; Activist Abby and the Commission on Corporate Reform.

Structure: Non-Profit

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