Workers' Action Centre
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720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 223
Toronto, ON


Purpose: The laws covering workers are outdated. And the government is not doing enough to enforce the weak laws that do exist. One in three employers breaks the law, often with no penalty. Our members come together to fight for better wages and working conditions for all workers in our province. Our victories prove that this way of making change works.
Our voices are stronger together. Change will not happen if we take on problems one by one. WAC works closely with our union and community allies to address the roots of the problems we face and the weak laws that allow racism and poverty to affect our lives and our workplaces. WAC is committed to developing leadership amongst the workers directly affected by low wages and poor working conditions, and to actively involve them in our campaigns and advocacy work to improve wages and working conditions for all workers. Supporting each other means taking action for change!
WAC staff, members and volunteers support workers who are experiencing a problem at work. Workers call our Workers# Rights Info Line to get information about their rights and help with strategies to resolve the problem. Workers can also attend one of our Support Clinics to get more information and one-on-one support with their workplace problem.

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