World in Common
Connexions Directory of Groups & Websites 2019


Purpose: We in World in Common ... Realize that only through mutual respect and solidarity among the groups that make up our political sector can we realize our common goals.
Together we hope to achieve ... A global network of individuals and groups united by our opposition to capitalism and the state and by our search for practical alternatives.
We hold that the following principles ...represent the common criteria for eligibility to participate in the World in Common project:
* opposition to all forms of Capitalism (past, present, local, global, state or 'free market');
its replacement by a classless, moneyless world community without borders or states and based upon:
* common ownership and direct democratic control of the means of production;
a free access 'use' economy with production geared towards the satisfaction of human needs; and
voluntary association, cooperation and the maximization of human creativity, dignity and freedom;
* a recognition that such an alternative society can only be established democratically from the 'bottom up' by the vast majority of people, without the intervention of leaders, politicians or 'vanguards'; and
* a commitment to continue the process of contact and cooperation with other groups in our political sector. This does not mean ignoring that which makes us unique, rather that we should devote time and energy to building on what we have in common.

Structure: Non-Profit

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