Political Research Associates
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1310 Broadway, Suite 201
Somerville, MA 02144,

E-Mail: contact@politicalresearch.org
Website: http://www.politicalresearch.org

Purpose: Political Research Associates (PRA) produces investigative research and analysis on the U.S. Right to support social justice advocates and defend human rights. PRA studies the entire spectrum of the U.S. Right - secular, religious, economic, and xenophobic - including its influence both domestically and overseas. It works to help journalists, advocates, educators, scholars, and the public to understand and challenge the right-wing. PRA produces investigative reports, articles, and activist resource kits; publishes the quarterly magazine The Public Eye; advises policy makers and social justice advocates; and offers expert commentary for media outlets. Our core issue areas span reproductive justice, LGBTQ rights, racial/immigrant justice, civil liberties, and economic justice.

Activities/Services: Research

Resources: Handbooks, Reports

Structure: Non-Profit


The Pulblic Eye
Format: NG

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