Humanist Movement
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Purpose: The Humanist Movement is an international organization formed by people of different ages, nationalities, cultures and religions, united by the project to build a truly human world. A world in which human beings, with their needs and aspirations, are the central value. A society in which human rights are completely realized: the right to health, education, freedom, spirituality, search for the meaning of life, and an existence with dignity.
The humanist movement is the organized expression of the ideals and values of New Humanism, an activist current of humanism that emphasizes the need for simultaneous personal and social change. New Humanism recognizes that the social changes we long for will not be possible without corresponding changes in personal values, beliefs and actions; and also that our personal freedom expands or contracts according to the society in which we live.
The system, driven by global finance capital, continues to produce and to justify monstrosities of daily injustice and suffering and widening cycles of violence that threaten our very survival. The political parties and social, religious and business leaders are either unwilling or unable to stem this destructive tide. In this context, New Humanism emphasizes the necessity to find both the mechanisms and the impetus for the people, the citizens of our region and the world to become protagonists in a process of change based on active non-violence and framed by the following six points:
* placing the human being as the central value and concern,
* affirming the equality of all people and striving for truly equality of opportunity for all
* valuing personal and cultural diversity and condemning all forms of discrimination
* encouraging the development of knowledge beyond limitations accepted as "truths"
* affirming the freedom of ideas and beliefs
* rejecting all forms of violence, including economic, racial, religious, sexual and other forms of violence

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Structure: Non-Profit

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