Ecosocialists Unite
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Purpose: Ecosocialism brings green and red together. This is not an alliance formed primarily or solely to strengthen the voice of the 'left'. This is however a consequence and a vital one. Ecosocialism combines red and green simply because the two are interdependent and inseparable. Ecosocialists have accurately recognised and indeed prophesised how capitalism acts against people and planet. Capitalism and Ecology are opposing forces. The deleterious effects of capitalism, of the relentless growth paradigm that drives greed, increases multiform inequality, serves the few and not the many, and drives the destruction of our planet is not some abstract concept or the material for a futurisic sci-fi film. It is upon us now.
Ecosocialism is both the struggle here and now and the goal, it is a broad term that reflects a movement for global social and environmental justice, the longevity and well being of humankind, need not greed, cooperation not corporations, inclusive freedom and participatory democracy.

Structure: Non-Profit

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