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Purpose: STITCH facilitates and supports the leadership capacity and skills of women workers in Latin America and US who are organizing for economic, racial, and social justice. We do this through workshops, program exchanges, publications, and strengthening alliances between women.
STITCH seeks a world where women are empowered to improve their lives through organizing and exercising their rights as women and as workers. We envision organizations that represent women workers being lead by skilled women with strong leadership skills. We envision a world where the struggles of diverse women across the U.S. and Central America are connected in such a way that all of our organizations become stronger and our women leaders learn from each other and grow.
In Central America and with immigrants in the United States , STITCH supports women workers in their efforts to plan and carryout organizing campaigns. STITCH sustains new and existing unions by offering leadership development workshops, trainings and exchanges that increase skills and build ties of understanding among women workers and activists#both locally, regionally and between North and Central America . STITCH mobilizes support for the organizing campaigns of Central American women workers and in response to international trade and corporate policies. STITCH documents and publicizes the experiences of women workers and organizers impacted by the global economy in order to include their experiences and strategies in the discussions, debates and demonstrations regarding economic globalization, including issues such as immigration.

Founded: 1994

Structure: Non-Profit

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