Guided Challenges
Connexions Directory of Groups & Websites 2018

P. O. Box 1443
Northampton MA 01060,


Purpose: Guided Challenges is a spiritual grassroots organization based in Northampton, MA. It works for social justice in the U.S. and abroad, through prayer and community building. Our mission is to create and strengthen communities by providing support to businesses, non-profits, houses of worship, individuals, and families. Our goal is to accomplish substantial, long term changes for clients, which will benefit them and their community, local and at large.
We provide de-cluttering assistance, life coaching, and family support, for people with bipolar disorder, TBI and other psychiatric disorders and their families. We also do community organizing and assist business, non-profits, and houses of worship in reaching their goals. Its roots are steeped in the secular order created by St. Francis of Assisi, who elevated spirituality above religion, which is why he is beloved by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. He ran an open and affirming church, centuries before this term was coined.

Founded: 1990

Geographic Scope: Local

Structure: Non-Profit

Subject Headings:

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