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Purpose: Media-ocracy is an online journal committed to combating the entrenched media system. It caters to progressive intellectuals and activists, and is devoted to the study of mass media, public opinion, and social discourse. Media-ocracy seeks to expose readers to critical views that are neglected in the mass media and in 'mainstream' debates on contemporary issues.
'Media-ocracy' is defined as the influencing or manipulation of public opinion, as a result of audiences# extensive dependence on mass media as a source of information. The term is particularly relevant for democratic societies, where promises of 'free speech' exist alongside private control of media outlets by the wealthy, privileged few. Under such a system, 'unconventional' and dissident views that are critical of the parties in power and of the economic system are often either completely censored or overwhelmingly ignored. This takes place to the detriment of a rich, encompassing public debate on issues of the day.

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