Collective Action Notes
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Purpose: Collective Action Notes documents and discusses different struggles (strikes, occupations, etc.) world-wide. We are interested in understanding class struggle and the different forms it takes in the present period, forms ranging from overt and highly visible struggles such as the French public sector strike wave in the winter of 1995 to more 'hidden ' forms of class struggle such as absenteeism. sabotage (broadly defined ), etc.
Loosely, it could be said CAN is sympathetic to issues of worker's autonomy and self-activity. Although no formally agreed upon political perspective exists at the present point, probably most participants would define themselves in one way or another as being critical of the traditional left, and close to class struggle anarchist/council communist views, again without being obsessed by old ideologies or labels (such as the historical divide between anarchism and marxism), which in most cases have been superceded by capitalist development itself.

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