The Canadian Teachers' Federation
Organization profile published 1978

Year Published:  1978  
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX767

Abstract:  The Canadian Teachers' Federation is the national organization of provincial and territorial teacher associations. The CTF's aims are to improve the quality of education while protecting and advancing the status of teachers. CTF speaks for its members and carries out information and clearinghouse activities. CTF programs are carried out in the areas of education finance, educational innovation, economic welfare, teacher education and certification, international development and teaching in French in Canada.
a) Publications in Print 1978, 15 pages, Free. This booklet lists recent publications, bibliographies in education and conference reports related to education. Some of these are listed below. b) Education: A Continuing Priority, 1977, $3.00. This report traces the development of education in Canada over the past few decades with particular emphasis on equalization of educational opportunity and participation in decision-making. Implications of recent trends for education and teachers are identified. c) International Development: Teacher Resources and Curriculum Materials. 133 pages, 1977, $2.00. Annotated bibliography of materials on development education of interest to teachers. Includes a list of resources centres and institutions which may be contacted regarding additional materials. d) Policies and Viewpoints on Matters Within Federal Jurisdiction.39 pages, 1977. Free. Although the constitutional right to make laws for education rests with the provinces,what really happens in education is in many cases affected by the federal government. Federal action in such areas as fiscal policy, pensions and unemployment insurance, post-broadcast use of CBC tapes and films, education statistics, official language policies and copyright affect both the professional and economic interests of teachers. This booklet outlines and discusses CTF policies in regard to these matters within federal jurisdiction. e) The Poor At School in Canada. 116 pages, 1972, $2.75. This book contains a series of unique observational studies conducted in Canadian schools during 1969 - 70. The revised report includes the text of the brief presented by the CTF to the Senate Special Committee on Poverty. f) Teacher Militancy, 80 pages, 1975, $2.75. A study of the extent to which various groups of teachers are prepared to adopt militant bargaining strategies and of the factors which may contribute to the development of militant attitudes.

This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1978.
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