To escape Trump's America, we need to bring the militant labor tactics of 1946 back to the future

Date Written:  20/11/2016
Year Published:  2016  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20241

Seventy years after the Oakland General Strike, we should talk about the relevance of the Oakland General Strike tactics for today. It seems do-able, and if it's presented right, could pull a lot of interest to prepare for the kind of labour movement we need - the kind that is ready to stand up to the state and the capitalists.



The last general strike in the US was in Oakland in 1946. That year there were 6 city-wide general strikes, plus nationwide strikes in steel, coal, and rail transport. More than 5 million workers struck in the biggest strike wave of US history. So what happened? Why haven't we ever gone out like that again? ... When we allowed ourselves to lose our most important weapons 70 years ago, we took the first step towards Trump's America. We're stuck in the wrong timeline - if we want to get out, we have to bring the militant labor tactics of 1946 back to the future!
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