The real cause of Trump: rampant neoliberalism

Hilley, John

Publisher:  Zenpolitics
Date Written:  18/11/2016
Year Published:  2016  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20223

Examining how the response from the traditional left to the 2016 US Election fails to recognize the failings of neoliberal policies and attitudes that contributed to the election of Trump.




How easy to invoke media memes like 'whitelash', as if we can simply say a country founded and built on racism has now just suddenly decided to turn decisively on black, latino or immigrant people. There's no doubt that base racism, and Trump's ugly cultivation of it, played a notable part in his election. But that doesn't make it a core cause.


Self-protecting Democrats, media liberals, and posturing 'leftists' are now in raging mood, lamenting the 'crisis of democracy', and urging on the 'Not My President' street protests. What they fail to admit is their own lamentable part in ignoring Clinton the hawk, and remaining silent on the neoliberal disorder she helped create. Within their New York party-media bubble, they see and understand almost nothing of the real, fundamental cause of Trump's landscape victory.

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