How We Changed Toronto
The inside story of twelve creative, tumultuous years in civic life, 1969-1980

Sewell, John
Publisher:  Lorimer
Date Written:  09/09/2015
Year Published:  2015  
Pages:  352pp   ISBN:  9781459409408
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX19982

By the mid-1960s Toronto was well on its way to becoming Canada's largest and most powerful city. One real estate firm aptly labelled it Boomtown. Expressways, subways, shopping centres, high-rise apartments, and skyscraping downtown office towers were transforming the city. City officials were cheerleaders for unrestricted growth.


Table of Contents:

Cast of Characters
Discovering a Political Life
Getting Down to Work
Neighbouhoods in Revolt
A Reform City Council
Creating Affordable Housing in Real Neighbourhoods
Replanning the Downtown
Three Lessons in Politics
Broadening the Reform Agenda
A Lonely Campaign Against Sprawl
From Mayor Crombie to Mayor Sewell
Changing Toronto's Mind about Diversity
Tangling with the Police
Acting Creatively to Solve Problems
Housing: Keeping the Faith
The Reelection Campaign

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